2014 Year-End Tax Planning Guide

Year-End-Tax-Planning-GuideDownload Your Copy of Our 2014 Year-End Tax Planning Guide!

The DE-Taxes Tax Planning Guide relays the most up-to-date tax law changes, tax-savings tips, and financial strategies. Our end of the year tax review may uncover new areas to take advantage of new tax saving opportunities, as well as benefiting for future suggested planning strategies.



Tax Planning is a year-round event and should be an important element of your overall financial plan. DE-Taxes can help you reduce your after-tax-income and help you plan ahead. DE-Taxes has developed a strategic tax planning methodology that is tailored for individuals, self-employed and small-business owners.

We provide personalized services tailored to YOUR individual needs. Our team of accountants and tax experts will help you make informed decisions and help you plan ahead.

Schedule a free consultation  to discuss Your specific situation and planning needs.


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