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Small Business Tax Return Preparation Service

DE-Taxes is a full-service tax and accounting firm with tax and accounting services tailored to small-and-medium business owners as well as sole-proprietors. We service business clients in all 50 states. Our small business tax return preparation service is based on the type of your entity and your business operations. We can help you determine the necessary IRS and tax filing requirements.

If you have a corporation, you will have to file an annual tax return (IRS Form 1120 or 1120S). Our small business tax return preparation service is a complete package to provide business owners piece of mind for your business tax filing.  Your State of Incorporation will also request that you renew your incorporation via a form which updates the address of the corporation, its officers and directors, and its registered agent for service of process. Annual tax returns are also filed by sole proprietorships (Schedule C to IRS Form 1040), limited liability companies (IRS Form 1065) and general partnerships (IRS Form 1065).

If you are a foreign business owner residing outside the U.S., or a foreign business that has incorporated in the U.S., please see our section for U.S. Tax Compliance Services.

Small business tax return preparation service packages:

Client profile:

Sole proprietorship, established business entity C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC or partnership

You have obtained a business EIN number

You have generated revenue and/or income during tax year

You have a bookkeeping system (e.g. QuickBooks); See our start-up consultation services if help is needed with setting your bookkeeping system.

Proposed Service for Required Business Tax Filing Requirements

Business owner supplies us with copy of business formation documents, SS-4 letter, contact information, QuickBooks file or spreadsheets showing income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Records should be well organized and summarized, preferably with a profit/loss statement included.

See our start-up consultation services if help is needed with setting up your bookkeeping system or chart of accounts.

DE-Taxes will prepare federal business tax returns 1120, 1120S, 1065 or schedule C form depending on your business type.

DE-Taxes will prepare 1099 forms if needed.

Tax returns are filed electronically, if possible, after we receive payment and signed “permission to file electronically” forms back from you. When returns cannot be filed electronically, we send paper copies of the returns to you for signing and filing, once we have received payment.

Business owner is responsible for timely payment of all taxes including franchise tax to Delaware, employment taxes, gross receipts taxes and the filing of annual report (if needed). We can advise on execution of these requirements.

Fee structure for small business tax return preparation service:

Our small business tax return preparation service is an all-inclusive service with a free structure based on the following levels of complexity of your business tax return:

Simple return: business tax return with only one state, no depreciation schedules, no investments, no loans, no inventories, typically a consultant or other service provider.
Medium complexity: business tax return can include multiple states, depreciation schedules, investments, loans, inventories, perhaps a consulting firm that operates in multiple states or a designer that had to purchase special printing equipment that will be depreciated.
High complexity: business tax returns  that can include almost anything, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, import/export, etc.

We provide personalized small business tax preparation services tailored to YOUR individual needs. Our team of accountants and tax experts will help you make informed decisions and help you plan ahead.

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