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IRS Audit Support Services

IRS Audit Support Services

Our IRS audit support team can assist you through the audit process and help you become compliant with IRS requirements.  We have Enrolled Agents on staff that have worked for the IRS and understand the audit procedure in great detail. Our IRS audit support can be as simple as a phone consultation or if required we can take lead and negotiate directly on your behalf with the IRS. We serve clients in all 50 states. 

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In general there are four types of audits:

1) Correspondence IRS audit

The correspondent audit is a letter from the IRS Service Center requesting that you send in copies of your canceled checks and/or receipts in order to verify certain deductions on the return. This type of audit is reserved for small, simple tax returns and most likely your business will not be audited in this manner.

2) Notice of office audit

This type of audit generally identifies specific items on the return that are in question and requests that you or your representative to bring certain documents to the local IRS office for the auditor’s examination. If your business is a small, sole proprietorship with sales under $500,000, you may be subjected to this type of audit.

3) IRS Field audit

With a Field audit, the IRS agent, personally, will call the owner/president/general partner and notify him/her that the return has been selected for audit. This type of audit is called “field” audit because the agent will want to conduct the audit at your place of business rather than the IRS office. Most incorporation businesses and partnerships are audited in this manner. It is crucial that during a field audit, you have representation. The IRS agent is instructed to interview you and go to your business so that he/she can ask detailed questions about business operations and see the business facility first hand.

4) TCMP (Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program) audit

TCMP is the fourth audit type by the IRS, Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program audit. The primary purpose of this type audit is to update the data used to write the scoring program. It involves a total audit in which every part of the return must be substantiated by documentation. What this means to you and your business is time. A “regular” audit is time-consuming in that your staff must find checks, invoices, contracts, bank statements, etc. for the items selected for audit. In a TCMP audit, every line of the tax return is audited therefore you have to provide documentation for all deductions not a selected few items.

Audits and auditors are intimidating by design. No reason to panic! Our IRS audit support services can help you and do not have to be costly–if you understand your rights. DE-Taxes can help you get prepared to ensure that you have the best possible outcome.


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