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IRS Problem Resolution – Professional Tax Relief

DE-Taxes has Enrolled Agents that are authorized to represent you with any IRS problem resolution and tax issue. We will work on your behalf and negotiate with the IRS for you. We can handle any kind of tax problem and IRS problem resolution situation you may be having. With this exclusive service provided by DE-Taxes, you can get the experienced, professional help you need now at an affordable price. 

Our IRS problem resolution support can be as simple as a phone consultation or if required we can take lead and negotiate directly on your behalf with the IRS. We serve clients in all 50 states. 

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If you are being audited by the IRS, please see our section for IRS audit support services.

Here are some of the most common IRS problem resolution cases we have been helping our clients with:

  • I have not filed tax returns for years
  • Representation and preparation for an audit
  • Tax return filing problems
  • Cannot afford to pay all my taxes
  • Need more than a payment extension
  • Help with penalties and interest
  • Help with IRS notices
  • Missing receipts to prove deductions
  • I already paid taxes I do not owe because I did not understand my appeal rights
  • I did not realize I could appeal an audit decision or believed it was too expensive
  • The IRS is threatening a wage or bank levy
  • I cannot get the IRS to recognize my letters and it continues to push ahead for enforced collection.

We can also help you if any of the following IRS problem resolution situations apply to you:

      • Tax Levies & Liens
      • Wage Garnishment
      • End Penalties & Interest
      • Tax Negotiation & Settlement
      • Reduce IRS Tax Debt
      • Resolve Back Taxes
      • IRS Audit Defense
      • Payroll Tax Negotiation

DE-Taxes can help you get prepared to ensure that you have the best possible outcome. We have the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complicated IRS tax code and negotiate the best possible tax debt resolutions on behalf of our clients. After assessing your situation in a free tax debt analysis, our licensed tax professionals jump into action to stop collection actions and win the best resolution case with the IRS. Let us use our knowledge and experience for you.

Request a free consultation from our IRS problem resolution and audit support services team. Contact us now!

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