Tax Planning & Resources


Tax-planning is a year-round event and should be an important element of your overall financial plan. DE-Taxes can help you reduce your after-tax-income and help you plan ahead. DE-Taxes has developed a strategic tax planning approach that is tailored for individuals, self-employed and small-business owners.

Here are some of the common areas we will review during a personalized tax planning session.

Strategic tax planning to maximize tax savings

Year-end tax planning to reduce income taxes

Impacted by AMT (Alternative Minimum Taxes)

Review prior-year tax returns (amend if needed)

Rental properties income

Multiple sources of income

Retirement planning

Estate & gift tax planning

Schedule a free consultation  to discuss Your specific situation and planning needs.

We provide a personalized services tailored to YOUR individual needs. Our team of accountants and tax experts will help you make informed decisions and help you plan ahead.

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